Art Books & Prints by Chris Anthony

Seas Without A Shore


SEAS WITHOUT A SHORE is a magical, mysterious photography book of tintypes,
portraits, still lifes and seascapes.

The photographs for this book have evolved into a series of images involving fictional narratives, replete with absurdity and hilarity, and doubling as a cautionary tale. Drawing attention to the bizarre and the banal, the resulting images are portraits on the border between documentary and fiction, imagining characters that, much like our selves, are forever a mystery.

The scenarios document a species as seen everyday through the eyes of the artist, with the writings of Edgar Allan Poe serving as a beacon of light and a source of inspiration. Mask-making, sculpture, and costume design is a colossally important part of the process, defining the unique and demented little world Anthony lives and shoots in. The mysteries of the sea figure greatly in these pictures with a crescendo of color images depicting survivors braving waves and currents, perhaps the result of a future world where ocean tides will wash away the planet’s coastlines.

The photographs are made with a 4×5 large format camera and most of the images are photographed with 150 year old lenses with color film or using the collodion wet plate technique which is a beautiful photographic process that was invented in the mid 19th century and still to this day has passionate practitioners all around the world.

10x12 1/4in. 150 pages.

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